Updated to v2.00

-Added Chop Shop (like car-jacker in SA-MP, you get dirty-money to deliver cars, has a 5 minute cooldown)
-Added Trash collector job.
-Added Forger job.
-Added store robberies.
-Added physical item drop.
-Added option to stop engine from button.
-Added so that Cops&EMS can deliver reports as a job.
-Added various PD enhancements (mobile gate, 3 helipads, etc)
-Added food place in front of lspd
-Fixed slotmachines (uses dirty money first if present and then cash, payout cash only)
-Fixed the bug where the first mission was not do-able. (any job)
-Locked all the AI cars (minus the parked ones).
-Tweaked the loading screen.
-Tweaked slotmachines winnings
-Tweaked handling Tesla & Police Corvette
-Tweaked PD loadout(gunshop, equip/unequip armor that also unequips guns too)
-Tweaked LSPD HQ
-Tweaked Police Records (Only chief can delete records)

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