How to fix your map !
As you may have noticed when you first join our server your map gets screwed up when you zoom in thus making it impossible to read the colored overlay so no street names for you  Sad .

To fix this all you have to do is go HERE and download that coloredmapfiles archive. Inside you will find two folders that you need to copy into your Five M installation found usually in C:\Users\your user name\AppData\Local\FiveM . 

The exact procedure is the following: 

-Open the coloredmapfiles with winrar or 7zip ;
-Drag the first file ( ui )  in your FiveM Application Data / Citizen / Common / Data  ;
-Drag the second file ( cdimages ) in your FiveM Application Data / Citizen / Platform / Data ;
-Connect to our server and check your map, zoom in and smile, you did it.

For reference if you did everything by the book it should look something like this
[Image: 74133ed5ecbd0d401bc7c41e350e8a99a9785ecc.PNG]

 The 5-0 be fast on yo ass ! 
[Image: 7055bbe7d278fc6b0b5e990c393dc50b.gif]
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Lex's way here:

Go to your FiveM folder (C:\Users\*YOURUSERNAMEHERE*\AppData\Local\FiveM\ or alternatively:

Open Run (Windows+R buttons) and type %Appdata%, then hit Backspace to go back a folder, now go to Local, FiveM, FiveM Application Data.

Or right-click the shortcut and "Open File Location"
[Image: muCOi9s.jpg]

Then copy the contents of the archive in that folder, overwriting anything (if it asks).

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